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IWS Online School broadens access to Cambridge education globally, empowering high-aptitude learners. Serving students aged 7 to 18, we offer a focused curriculum, building a strong academic base. Live sessions cater to individual needs and recorded lessons grant flexibility for self-paced learning and review.

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What Do We Offer?

Our online school caters to students with a flexible and engaging learning environment that adapts to their schedules and interests. For parents, we deliver a top-notch education that paves the way for limitless opportunities in their child’s future. Moreover, for businesses, our school serves as a source of skilled, versatile individuals poised to thrive in the international market.
Cambridge Primary
Ages 7-11

Discover IWS Online School, your gateway to a comprehensive Cambridge Primary International Curriculum tailored for primary students. Our accredited UK-based

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Cambridge Middle
Ages 11-14

At IWS Online School, Middle level Education commences at age 11, culminating with students undertaking the prestigious Cambridge I/GCSE exams.

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Cambridge I/GCSE
Ages 14-16

Enrol in our two-year programme, a vital pathway to obtaining globally recognized and accredited Cambridge certifications. This esteemed qualification is

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Cambridge A Level
Ages 16-18

The A-Levels we offer hold global recognition from esteemed universities and leading employers, significantly enhancing our students’ prospects of gaining

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Why Choose
IWS Online School?

We are firm believers in the power of education as the gateway to a promising future. That's why we've developed an innovative online learning platform designed to equip students with the essential knowledge, skills, understanding and practical experiences necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape. IWS delivers an unmatched educational journey, ensuring students are well-prepared for success.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Well-structured curriculum from Primary to Sixth Form, ensuring that students receive a balanced and thorough education.

Focus on Goal-Driven Education

Emphasises setting and achieving academic goals, empowering students to take ownership of their education and excel in their studies.

Flexible Learning Environment

A highly flexible learning environment that allows students to customise their learning schedule to fit their individual needs and preferences.



Fully Qualified Teachers



I/GCSE's at a 9-4 Grade



Students from 70 Countries

Adaptable Learning Choices

At each educational level, students have the flexibility to engage in a comprehensive course package, select a subset of subjects, or even choose individual supplementary classes to enhance current learning or broaden future study opportunities.

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Delivering high-calibre education directly to your devices.

Starting from Primary through to Sixth Form, our students establish strong academic foundations with a flexible, goal-oriented curriculum. Live classes adjust to their individual pace and round-the-clock access to lessons allows for convenient review.

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IWS Online School offers students an exceptional Cambridge-accredited British curriculum. Experience excellence in education, join us today!

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